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Audio from occasional public lectures:

Michael Healy: Von Hildebrand on Human Sexuality
Christopher West: Response to von Hildebrand on Human Sexuality
Alice von Hildebrand: Truth and Panic
Alice von Hildebrand: Introduction to Kierkegaard
Alice von Hildebrand: The Role of the Heart in Human Life
Maria Fedoryka: Created in Love part 1
Maria Fedoryka: Created in Love part 2
Michael Healy: The Problem of Hell part 1
Michael Healy: The Problem of Hell part 2
Peter Damgaard Hansen: The Art of Loving Your Spouse
David Thunder: Who is My Neighbour? The Challenges of Charity in a Globalized World
John Crosby: My Walk With Newman
John Crosby: Knowledge of the Heart in John Henry Newman

Also, a short 10 part introduction to the Personalist Philosophy of John Paul II, by John Crosby:

Flying with Both Wings: Why Christians Need Philosophy
Worthy of Respect: The Personalist Norm
Interiority of Human Persons
Persons Are Unrepeatable
Human Freedom
Freedom and Truth
Embodiment and Morality